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Landlord Reference Letter

As part of your application, you may be asked to provide a landlord reference letter. Usually this is more prevalent among Co-ops and Condos that have a board approval process you need to go through, but I'm seeing a lot more regular Rentals ask for this too. 

The point of this letter is to add another layer of confirmation that you, in fact,

  1. are a good tenant,

  2. will pay rent on time,

  3. didn't destroy the property,

  4. and won't be a nuisance.

How to ask for a reference letter?

Email your Landlord/Property Management

Hi __Landlord___,


I have been your tenant at __address_unit___ for ___length___. I will be moving and part of the application includes providing a Landlord Reference Letter. Can you write me one? Thanks!



If they need a sample letter,

To whom it may concern,


I’m writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of ___Name___, a former tenant of my property at ___Address____. ___Name___ was a tenant of mine from __LeaseStart___ to ___LeaseEnd___.


__Name___ was a responsible and reliable renter. During their tenancy, they maintained the property well and had no complaints from neighbors or lease violations such as late rent payments or unauthorized residents.


I would gladly rent to __Name_ again because they paid rent on time and were very responsible. Please contact me if you have any follow-up questions.



Last things to remember:

Ideally the letter looks professional, ie:

  1. is signed,

  2. is on company letterhead.

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